Orbach's Wife Monologue

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Today Miss Orbach had to do two things, she has been putting off cleaning the kitchen and mopping the boys floor. I started off by having Susan put Lucas inside his playpen. She was not sure whether or not this was going to work. I told her that it is a possibility that he won't stay in there, because he is used to being able to get to her when he feels like it. I said that and it will also be a distraction to ask one of the other children to watch him, because Lucas is not their responsibility. She as to figure out a way to manage the situation on her own.

Before we begin, I explain to Susan, exactly what I planned for us to do step by step remove everything off the counter top of the table and off the stove, make soapy warm water, wipe
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We went upstairs to the boys’ room. Where I asked her to just stand there for a minute and two smell the odor in their room. I explained this odor is not just coming from the litter box. She continuous allow dirty clothes to pile up and there are items under the bed that the cats have pooped or peed on. I explained that the smell is magnified due to the heat. This might contribute to why the children simply do not want to be in their room. Asked her to put herself and her children shoe, what happen, if we remove the air conditioner out of her room and put the litter box in there and then close the door. She said that she wouldn't want to go in her room I said that's exactly how the children feel. I explained that it is unfair that she is allowing them to experience this. I told her we needs to put the litter box somewhere else where she can smell it and change it more off than. I suggested that the litter box goes somewhere in the corner by the backdoor in the kitchen or in a corner in the living room where Lucas cannot get to…show more content…
Benjamin and Drew wanted to watch wrestling at, but wanted to eat dinner upstairs in Ryan’s rooms. I told Miss Orbach the they were in her room and she should check. She told them to come down stairs, told them the rules and told them they could not watch the first fifteen minutes. The blamed the situation on Ryan. I stepped in and told them mom thanks them for tell her about Ryan and she will talk to him later. At 8 she got the other children ready for bed. At 8:15pm Benjamin and Drew asked if they could watch TV. She asked them to explain what they did wrong. The know eating in her room without permission is wrong. I told Miss Orbach that her lack of consistency is why they do not take her
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