Orca Chief By Roy Henry Vickers And Robert Budd Essay

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I have chosen to select the book Orca Chief by Roy Henry Vickers and Robert Budd as an Aboriginal education resource for teaching in a Grade 4 classroom. I located this narrative text in the First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC) Authentic First Peoples Resources Guide. I choose this book because of familiarity with one of the authors, Roy Vickers. I have long admired this artists work. I have had the opportunity to visit his gallery in Tofino, B.C. and learn about the authors art and life. His use of vibrant colors was considered out of the box when I grew up. He pushed the boundaries and grabbed people’s attention and for that I admired him. I can easily identify his paintings which the non-artist in me enjoys. He has struggled through hardship and addiction and continues to be valuable member to his community and our country. Despite receiving numerous accolades, for his work, he appears to remain humble and continues on his mission to share and tell stories. Roy Henry Vickers, has a First Nation heritage of Tsimshian, Haida and Heiltsuk giving authenticity to this story and imagery.

This forty page, hardcover text includes short paragraphs on the left page and vibrant illustrations of coastal life by Roy Vickers on the right pages, except for a large picture covering pages 25 and 26. The story takes place in a Kitkatla, a small Tsimshian village community in northern B.C., near the town of Prince Rupert. The story brings to life a legend of the journey of
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