Orca Training Research Paper

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On February 21, 1991 trainer Keltie Byrne fell into a pool containing 3 Orcas , she was pulled to the bottom and drowned by the the 3 Orcas. Orca Trainers help the orcas to adapt to their surroundings making it easier for their survival. Orca Trainers help seaworld give amazing shows with orcas , But the trainers need to know how to train them without having their life being in danger. Orca Trainers should not have much contact with an orca , when the orca is stressed. When an orca is stressed it can be really Dangerous. Also Trainers do not understand orca mammals Thinking , and it will also protect the name of a Orca. An Orca living in a tank causes stress for the mammals,making them feel frustrated. When an Orca is stressed it causes…show more content…
Of course the animal will have a major encounter with a trainer. Therefore any action by the orca can be misunderstood by its Trainer.Killer Whales have the second biggest brain among all the other ocean animals.When an orca demonstrates behaviors like butting, grabbing, and biting,this means it is stressed. Bruce Stephens said,”Any person who has trained these animals has been thumped, bumped, bruised, bitten and otherwise abused over the course of time," he told Nancy Cleeland of “The San Diego Union”, in December 1987. "It happens to everyone." He said that "you have to appreciate the potential for danger" but the record has "really been quite good for orcas. But although trainers are used to the orcas behaviors,they should not be allowed to be in water with them, To help prevent another tragedy in Seaworld and keep everyone's name clean. When Tilikum Seaworld’s oldest orca killed his trainer , tragedy stroke in seaworld. Having an Orca in a small space with people and other orcas they are not familiar with can cause many effects. Like for example, when an orca is in a small space its Dorsal fin can
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