Orcas Are The Largest Member Of The Dolphin Family And The Top Predator

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Jessica Kende English 1030 Abusement Park Orcas are actually the largest member of the dolphin family and the top predator in the marine environment. “Spanish whalers called Orcas ‘whale killers’ after observing them hunt in packs, killing or overcoming marine mammals, including whales” (STW - Killer Whale). Somehow, their name got turned around to what we name them today; killer whales. However, no accurate report exists of Orcas in the wild killing humans. Orcas are well known for their black shiny bodies with white patches around the eyes and stomach. This coloration has made these majestic large animals the large money makers at corporations such as SeaWorld. This enterprise, however, creates an unsafe environment for the Orcas in order to create a profit. Orcas should not be kept in captivity because it jeopardizes the animals mental and physical health to create a profit and is, therefore, inhumane. Orcas are large whales that live all around the world. They are well known for their dorsal fin, which is located on the top of their body stand erect and are different for each whale. Researchers often use the dorsal fin to identify individual Orcas. There are many different types of Orcas and within these types researchers observe very diverse diets. “Orca diets are often geographic or population specific. Some types like the eastern North Pacific ‘resident’ orca populations specialize on salmon (Chinook and chum salmon), while others like ‘transients’ feed on marine

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