Orchestrate Healthcare: A Case Study

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Executive Overview Orchestrate Healthcare understands that Saint Francis Medical Center (SFMC), is a 284-bed facility serving more than 650,000 people throughout Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas. SFMC is guided by a mission to provide a ministry of healing and wellness inspired by Christian philosophy and values, as a progressive, innovative regional tertiary care referral center. Presently, using McKesson Horizon Clinicals, as well as, other ancillary systems, SFMC will be converting to Epic scheduled for July, 2016. This conversion will create tremendous value for all stakeholders within the healthcare center’s footprint by providing them the longitudinal clinical history of their patients in the new EPIC EMR. Orchestrate Healthcare is confident we can successfully support SFMC’s services for Data Conversion with our talent and experience. OHC understands that …show more content…

For unit testing purposes, we like to produce an initial extract of 5-10 records, to try to load into an Epic environment. During this time, manually manipulation of the extracted messages is necessary to allow the data to file into Epic. These messages are loaded one at a time and the initial errors are "worked" by modifying the message or by adjusting the Epic interface translation tables or other configuration to accommodate. Once we get the messages to file correctly, without errors, into Epic all changes that are needed are added to the extraction code. A second mini extract of a larger subset may be performed, such as 200-300 records and then run into Epic and validated. This new mini-extract provides a basis to estimate the amount of time and number of staff that will be required to validate the records in Epic. These initial messages provide a view into how complex the build will be, the lower the data quality the more complex it can become as well as requiring a larger investment of time by staff manually validating and verifying the data or increase in staff

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