Orchid View Case Study

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Orchid View, a care home for the elderly in Sussex was closed following a serious case review, whereby 34 recommendations were made following 19 deaths caused by sub-optimal care along with 5 patients dead from natural causes due to neglect. There was a lack of respect and dignity, poor nutrition and hydration, staff shortages and the mismanagement of medication. Patients were oppressed as call bells were inaccessible to them, being left out of their reach, and those call bells that rang were unanswered. There was a lack of clear management, resulting in understaffing which reduced the amount of care that could be provided. As this was a private home it could be said that profit outweighed quality of care. Immobile residents were left in soiled bedding, resulting in a complete lack of dignity,…show more content…
When the first concerns were raised anti discriminatory and anti oppressive practice commenced through the CGC, whereby case conferences were arranged with health and social workers to identify failings and to put in place a plan of action to be followed by the carers, to promote the wellbeing and safety of the residents. This was followed by monitoring processes to see if improvements and recommendations were being met. In consequence to continued reports around adult safeguarding another inspection was conducted, resulting in a new set of guidelines for the home to follow. After further incidents it became clear that the issues were not being addressed and social workers were drafted to the home for daily visits. This offers support to both staff as well as residents as instead of pointing the finger of blame they tried to put resolutions in place. Social Workers decided that due to the scale of the problems and the inability of the manager to address the problems satisfactorily that it was in the best interest of the residents to be moved to other accommodation (Mail,
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