Ordeal by Cheque: The life of Jr Essay

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Ordeal by Cheque: The life of Jr
Tony turned the corner at a dangerous speed, trying to go even faster, but the sirens behind him did not get any softer. This was all the kid’s fault.
That stupid kid.
Tony sped up, dodging traffic as he had so many times before, except this time it was different. The kid. Tony thought back, remembering everything he could, all the way to the very beginning.

Lawrence Exeter Junior had been born in the heat of the day on September 2, 1903. He was different from the day he was born. His rich parents sensed something was wrong, for parents usually can sense things about their child. Therefore, the day after he was born, Marie and Lawrence Exeter took the newborn to Dr.
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That night, before Jr’s parents put him to bed, he said to them:
“I’m sorry”
“What are you sorry for, honey?” his mom asked.
“You’ll know,” he said, rolling over and pretending to go to sleep. Later, when Jr was sure his parents were asleep, he got up, and wrote a simple letter that read: i’m sorry
He put the letter in an envelope, sealed it, and somehow correctly addressed it to Steve Matterson. Three days later, right before Mrs. Exeter was about to take her son to the toyshop to buy a new bike, she picked up the paper and a certain article caught her eye. It said:
Man Murdered
Steve Matterson was found choked to death in his house. Officials say…

Later in the story it mentioned that a letter was found in his house that said i’m sorry.
This was enough for Marie. She knew how to put two and two together.
“What did you do to Steve,” she asked Jr.
“I’m sorry,” he said casually.
“Well, you can’t get a new bike until I know what happened. He glared at her for a moment, then said,
“I made him sorry, too.”
Of course, you can guess that didn’t go over well. The Exeter family never discussed it outside the immediate family. There was much discussion between Mr. and Mrs. Exeter, though. They decided to straighten him out. They knew that he was directly linked to Matterson’s death, but they didn’t have a clue as to what had happened. So, on August 31, Jr, now 12 years old, stepped on to the campus of Columbia Military Academy.
He was a

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