Order Lepidoptera: A Class of Insects

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Order Lepidoptera is part of a class of insects that includes butterflies, moths and the caterpillars that begat them. They are found in many parts of the world, most notably in North America and throughout various sections of Europe. One of the most notable representatives of this order is the Painted Lady butterfly. However, virtually all of the butterflies stratified into this particular order have a series of scales on their wings; although it is commonly believed that removing the scales from these butterflies would be fatal, they can continue to live after their wings have been removed (Bartlett, 2004). Subsequently, the term Lepidoptera is descended from the Greek language and is interpreted as 'scale wings'. Virtually all of the classifications of Order Lepidoptera have fairly distinctive wings, beyond the fact that they are endowed with scales. The back wings are typically not as large as the front wings; there are four wings in total. In addition to their use for flying, wings are also regularly employed by butterflies of this order to cover (and protect) themselves during the night when they sleep (Bartlett, 2004). The vast majority of these butterflies are largely diurnal. Like virtually all butterflies, those of the Lepidoptera order go through four distinct stages of life. They begin as eggs before hatching into the larva stage as caterpillars. After transforming during the pupa stage, they emerge as four winged butterflies for the duration of their adult

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