Order Of The Public Realm

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Order In The Public Realm
Isaiah Navies
Plan 749 Urban Planning, Exam 1, Kansas City Design Center
September 30, 2016
Without order in the public realm the world we live in would be a very unorganized environment. When it comes to order within the public realm we have to thank planning, zoning, transects, and urbanism theories, because these strategies shape our environment as to what it is today. Authors such as Leon Krier, Emily Talen, Cliff Ellis, and Douglas Kelbaugh are theorist who have discussed problems with urban design and provide implications on how to make the public realm a better place. With these thoughts on how to better the public realm, cities could become something greater and more cohesive in design that what they currently are today. By simply improving one thing in order to create a good urban framework, we should consider the words of these authors. In this paper I will explain and address there theories of the public realm by, examining planning and zoning, the transect, and the three urbanism theories, and how they are framework to shaping order in the urban environment.
In order for space within the public realm to have good urban design, zoning is a major part of organization of a city master plan. Planning should also be considered on a smaller scale such as city blocks. The journal of Planning Education and Research explains, good urban form in the planning practice need to adopted more theories into their decision making methods. “In the
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