Order and Chaos are Natural Events in Eamon Grennan’s Poem, One Mornin

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Order and chaos are two events that inhabit the world that surrounds us. Natural events, such as gravity, create order where our world has laws and principles. One the other hand, war, fighting, and disasters make up the chaotic aspect of our world. How both are found in this world we live in, the same two ideas of order and chaos, are found in Eamon Grennan’s “One Morning.”
In this poem, the speaker is talks about his experiences in one significant morning. The poem introduces a beach environment where the speaker talks about collecting rocks, while seeing a dead otter, an oyster fisher, and a bird trying to find its prey. He recalls that this morning is the morning after contemplating of dying, but in the second stanza he has a change
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Birds finding food to eat is definitely natural; what is chaotic is the how a bird is portrayed in the first stanza. A cormorant is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “a large and voracious sea-bird.” That is image in our heads in already chaotic in nature; it add insult to injury, the bird is eating and patrolling the bay, assumedly for another animal to devour – a fish. Also another bird enters the picture. Although much less extreme, the “heron “ found in line 6 makes an appearance. How this inspires chaos is evident – “rose off a boulder where he’d been invisible,/ drifted a little, stood again.” The heron from the background makes himself known, disquieting our original ideal of a peaceful stroll.
The most chaotic element of the poem not actually found in the quite disordered first stanza, but right at the beginning of the second stanza lies the revelation of the reason for the overwhelming chaos. The speaker had a dream, a desire, to leave this chaotic world. The speaker experiences being told that “it didn’t matter.” The speaker must have perceived all the past images to be chaotic because of his depressing experience. However, even if this is the climax of chaos, it is in a way a turning point toward are more ordered and peaceful world.
The second stanza of Eamon Grennan’s “One Morning” focuses on the more pleasant images, as it can be argued to portray a more ordered world, in comparison to the latter chaotic world. Seemingly, although the mood has
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