Essay about Order and Chaos in Gun Crazy and Bonnie and Clyde

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Society has a very strict order that people must follow, but the moment a person does something that is not part of societies order it creates chaos. Despite common misconceptions, ‘order’ does not necessarily equate with ‘good’, nor does ‘chaos’ equate with evil. Order in film is associated with rules, traditions, and, if stretched to extremes, fascism and mindless obedience. Chaos, on the other hand, is associated with change, individualism and, if stretched to extremes, savagery and self-indulgence. The chaos is shown in both films, and it also shows how society takes back control and re-enforces order by establishing power.
These two films are very different from other crime movies, and break the classical genre of crime. They can be considered as revisionists, and put a twist on the typical crime movies. In the classical genre of crime it is always consist of the same thing which include traditional criminals; only caring about themselves, seen as an anti-hero, agent of oppression by taking from anyone just to get rich, taking advantage of the system (for their own purposes), and wanting to live the American Dream. Whereas in the revisionist have this unique way of making the audience fall in love and have them rooting for the criminals, this is because; they critic what is right and wrong with society, show the oppression of the people, are one of the people, a social rebels, and most of all they know who they are and where they come from.
In the movie Gun Crazy…

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