Essay about Order and Chaos in Gun Crazy and Bonnie and Clyde

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Society has a very strict order that people must follow, but the moment a person does something that is not part of societies order it creates chaos. Despite common misconceptions, ‘order’ does not necessarily equate with ‘good’, nor does ‘chaos’ equate with evil. Order in film is associated with rules, traditions, and, if stretched to extremes, fascism and mindless obedience. Chaos, on the other hand, is associated with change, individualism and, if stretched to extremes, savagery and self-indulgence. The chaos is shown in both films, and it also shows how society takes back control and re-enforces order by establishing power. These two films are very different from other crime movies, and break the classical genre of crime. They can be…show more content…
With Bart it shows through flashback of him when he was younger, and sitting on a wooden horse shooting his BB gun (which is a reference to western films). But it does not show him as a reckless child, instead it shows him as a sensitive human, especially when he kills a chicken by mistake, and instantly begins to regret it and starts to cry. He was always different from the other children, which allowed society to see him a threat, since he brought chaos with him from a young age. For Bart guns plays a big role in his life, and represent many things from sex to violence to power. Even in the beginning of the movie when he first see the gun in the store front window, for him it is a erotic moment for him, and when he gets caught it gives the impression of a child masturbating and getting caught. Bart has sexual tension with the guns, and the guns represent a phallic. But because of the sympathy he shows for when killing the chicken, it gives him more heroic characteristics and less villain characteristics, sets his future for his heroic sacrifice, which allows the audience to create a connection with him. Where as Laurie is a femme fatale, and the exact opposite of Bart, and is the more dominate member of the two. She resists and goes against the social norm, and is leading Bart by telling him what to do and does not try to dominate him, but rather manipulate him. This shows the audience what would
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