Ordering System Of Sakae Sushi

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Sakae Sushi is a restaurant that serves Japanese cuisine. With its restaurant chain based on Singapore, the first opening outlet was in 1997. Sakae Sushi serve their food on the conveyor belt. The restaurant have boasts over 100 outlets across the Singapore and many other country. Sakae Sushi also popular with its iPad self-ordering. The one that has made Sakae Sushi happens until today is an entrepreneur named Douglas Foo, now is the chairman CEO of Sakae Holdings. From the history, sakae means “growth” in Chinese character. The implement of modern technology in terms of preparation of food and customer service has been a signature mode of operation for Sakae Sushi. Figure 8: Sakae Sushi homepage
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One of the reasons is because the ordering system implemented is very interactive and straight-forward. Based on our research regarding Sushiro Kaiten Sushi, one of the features that makes it more outstanding than the other two is that they have an alert notification which produced sound so that customer will be notified when they hear the sound that indicates their order is ready.
We took into account a few factors to develop our restaurant ordering system. We have planned to use some of the features from the previous case study. One of the features that we will try to apply into our system is list of ordered menu. This feature will let the customer to add or remove the menu before place order and able to view the total price.
As for the conclusions, all the restaurants ordering system that we referred on are going to be the indicator for us to develop an efficient system. We would try to adapt their elements into our system as well. This is the main reason why we conducted the literature review researched earlier as it is very useful for us to get the clear picture on what we have to do to develop the
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