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I decided to base my clinical assessment of a movie character on Conrad Jarrett, the lead character of the film Ordinary People. Conrad is seventeen years old and is the only child of Beth and Calvin Jarrett. The Jarrett’s live in the affluent suburb of Lake Forest, Illinois, where Calvin works as a successful tax attorney. The Jarrett’s have just recently experienced a family tragedy, where their eldest son, Buck, drown in a boating accident, while Conrad witnessed the entire event. Six month after the accident, Conrad has become severely depressed, and slit his wrists with a razor blade in a failed suicide attempt. His parents discovered him unconscious in the bathroom, and immediately committed him to a psychiatric hospital. He…show more content…
She hasn’t dealt with Buck’s death and does not know how to grieve. This has had a very negative effect on Conrad and he feels that his mother would have probably rather he died than Buck. Since the accident, Conrad has socially withdrawn from his friends and activities he one enjoyed. He is having major problems reconnecting to his friends primarily because it is too painful to see them because they remind him of Buck. He also spent so much time in the psychiatric hospital that he missed out on almost an entire school year. He has made a connection to Karen, a fellow patient, while receiving treatment and they have formed a special bond. She had been suffering from depression and had also attempted suicide. Conrad would call her whenever he was feeling down and she was the one person he felt really understood him. Unfortunately, Karen lost her battle with depression and suddenly committed suicide. Losing this support has devastated Conrad. He now cannot adjust to his normal life and literally feels alone in his struggle. Since returning to Lake Forest High School, Conrad has shown increased discord with teachers and classmates. He has gotten into a fight with several classmates and has quit the swim team. He seems to not enjoy being back at school particularly because the environment reminds him of how his life used to be when Buck was alive. He has
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