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The Oregon Coast runs from north to south along the Pacific Ocean. Oregon is three-hundred and sixty miles long and two-hundred and sixty miles wide, making it the ninth largest state. Oregon is bordered by California and Nevada on the south, Washington on the north, Idaho on the west and of course, the Pacific Ocean. Oregon's nickname is the Beaver State because in the nineteenth century beaver skins were very valuable to trappers in the area. The longitude in Oregon is 116 45W to 124 30W. The Latitude is 42N to 46 15N. The Highest point in Oregon is Mount Hood reaching 11,239 feet high. The lowest point in the state of Oregon is the Pacific Ocean. According to www.netstats.com the average elevation in Oregon is 3,300 feet …show more content…
These hazelnuts are very unique and are preferred by chefs and bakers. Another symbol is the Oregon Grape. This grape is a low growing plant that is native to much of the Pacific Coast. The plant has yellow flowers in the early summer and dark blue berries in the fall. The last symbol is the Cookhin Salmon it is the largest of the Pacific Salmons. It is also very highly wanted for fresh fish trade. It is the state fish. The weather in Oregon is very mild. Along the Oregon Coast though it is very raining and fog, but this goes for about most of the state. The water temperature in the ocean is never comfortable. The average high in Oregon is eighty degrees with the average low being forty degrees. There is rarely any snow fall along the coastal range but near the mountains there is. According to en.wikipedia.org there are two north-south mountain ranges the Coastal Range and the Cascade Mountain, which form the Willamette Valley one of the most fertile regions in the world. Many of these low mountain ranges are forested with evergreens such as spruce, fir, and hemlock. Mountains in the coastal region average less than two thousand feet above sea level, but the tallest in the coastal region reaches 4,097 above sea level, which is Mary?s Peak southwest of Corvallis. Cliffs along the coast rise close to a thousand feet high over the Pacific Ocean. There are many small lakes scattered throughout the coastal region.

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