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Early in her career, Orem gained experienced as a staff nurse in a variety of hospitalclinical settings. While serving as director of nursing service at a Detroit hospital, she recallsthat she was asked a substantive question and didn’t have an answer because she “had noconceptualization of nursing” (McLaughlin-Renpenning & Taylor, 2002, p. xii).Orem goes on to say while working at Indiana University where her goal was to upgradethe quality of nursing in general hospitals throughout the state, she noted that nurses haddifficulty articulating needs to hospital administrators in the face of demands made upon themregarding such issues as length of stay, scheduling admissions and discharges, etc.(McLaughlin-Renpenning and Taylor, 2002). As a…show more content…
She realized that the curriculum couldn’t be determined untilthere was an understanding of the subject matter of nursing in general. Then in 1959, she became an assistant professor at The Catholic University of America, where she continued todevelop her concept of nursing and self-care. Orem’s ideas were further formalized after her participation in the Nursing Development Conference Group (NDCG). This group, who cametogether in 1968, was “committed to the development of structured nursing knowledge and tonursing as a practice discipline” (Hartweg, 1995). Orem (2001) explained that “all of theconceptual elements [of the Self-Care Framework] were formalized and validated as staticconcepts by 1970.” Orem says her ideas are primarily the result of reflecting upon her experiences and she was not influenced by any one person, but she states formal logic andmetaphysics were among other disciplines that influenced her work (Hartweg, 1991). Nursing: Concepts of Practice (Orem, 1971) was the original publication of the conceptualframework. Her work certainly contributed to the 1970’s as being characterized as “a time for changes within the nursing profession, being a time for planning, researching and expandingnursing roles.” (Chinn & Kramer, 2004, p. 36). Her ideas, along with others, helped to start shifting nursing away from a medical model of practice. Nursing

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