Orem Theory

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How Theory Affects Education: A Microscope Perspective
Elizabeth Wiedman
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR 501: Theoretical Basis of Advanced Nursing Practice
Summer Semester 2011

How Theory Affects Education: A Microscope Perspective
Nursing is a topic that covers a great deal of ground. It takes years to gain experience in nursing. The study of nursing theories helps one to take advantage of the experiences of others. The best way to examine something is under a microscope because it focuses one closely on the topic at hand. It can also show smaller parts of the whole.

The microscope perspective is used to describe how theory functions in the nursing profession and in nursing education. It will also explain how nursing theory
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The nursing system theory describes the system design and product of nursing care (Banfield, 2011). It directs methods of helping and the degree of assistance nurses should give based on the self-care limitations of the patient (Ransom, 2008). Ransom (2008) states that nursing agency is involved with the social, interpersonal, and technologic operations that are reinforced when nurses and patients work together. This refers to the nurse’s capability to design and produce nursing systems so that nursing outcomes are reached. This concept links nursing practice and nursing science. It is also an important element in the nursing system theory and it describes the structure and content of nursing practice (Banfield, 2011).

According to Ransom (2008) health promotion self-care occurs throughout the individual’s life. It is focused on learning about personal conditions and situations in which problems exist with maintaining or magnifying healthy states. This may be seen related to developmental limitations of emerging or diminishing self-care agency. It can be seen with children or elders.

Another self-care concept, health deviation self-care focuses on individuals that have injuries or acute illness or diseases. Requisites of the health deviation self-care help to organize the investigation of the acute health

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