Orem 's Self Care Model

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Dorothea Orem is known as the nursing theorist who developed the Orem’s Self-Care model, which focused on enhancing the individual’s ability for self-care and ability to care for their dependents when they need to. Orem’s personal history and professional experiences created the framework of her theory and its nursing process when nursing care is needed. Orem was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1914 and had early exposure to nursing through her aunt who was an operating room nurse. Orem earned a nursing diploma in 1934 at Providence Hospital Nursing School in Washington, DC where she practiced in the operating room, pediatrics, home care and medical surgical unit after receiving her diploma. She earned her Baccalaureate Degree in 1939…show more content…
Elimination and rest are also considered as basic requisites to maintain human function. Developmental requisites involves the growth and development stages such as adjusting changes in body, such as loosing mobility for senior individuals. Health deviation is changes in health or function due to disease or injury such as life-style changes for hypertension or diabetes. The second component of the Orem’s theory, Self-care deficit, is the inability for individual or parent to care themselves or provide care to maintain well being or health and is the situation when nursing is needed. In these circumstances, Orem indicates that nursing care and interventions are needed when the patient is in the self-care deficit. This is accomplished by offering physical and psychological support, teaching, and providing an environment to promote personal development to meet the patient needs. Nursing care will provide aid if the patient is not able to shave or wash themselves, or a guide if patient needs support when using their walking aid. Patient may also need emotional support, training and education to provide self-care if they are able but lack the skills. Nurses must assess the type of self-care deficits and provide nursing intervention as needed. The third component, Theory of Nursing Systems, defines different level of deficits to
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