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ORG 581 Facilitating Change Paper Timothy Kirk ORG/581 William Gillis, PhD December 22, 2012 * * * * Introduction Starbucks Facilitating Change to China Starbucks current structure is categorized as a mechanistic organization, which is comprised of highly vertical and horizontal complexities, highly formalizations, highly centralizations, tapered lengths of control, and highly standardizations. The CEO of Starbucks, Howard Shultz, has worked to create a more efficient and streamlined structure where information can flow freely…show more content…
I can see an up in the personal experience for customers. Social connection is key to staff interaction with customers as these services to products and merchandise just adds to the Starbucks experience. Now changing things in the structure of selling coffee is what Starbucks does best. The easy going stages of the processes are streamlined. Culturally they are very good at fitting in to provide employees with training that allows not only greater knowledge, but a chance to be a part of not just a company, but a family of teams that work very close together. The only thought that if I could influence the change would be that some of the locations selected are very hard to get access to, and cause traffic issues. Over-all Starbucks has a strong leadership team and is very focused on keeping the flow of coffee going for years to come. To improve the effectiveness of Starbucks the main item that needs more attention is a stronger sense of community with employees in the training programs. It appears that Starbucks can expand training by using the Starbucks website. Furthermore, these types of business pages would have to be geared towards the staffing groups at each store. Starbucks would be able to place items like training videos, current calendar events, up and coming announcements, Ads, Promos, and to have more ‘likes’ that generate exposure. As much as family and community are for Starbucks that type of account would
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