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Tallahassee BeanCounters Team Case
Kaylee Cutler
Charles Spiva
Shauna Jones

During a routine audit of Tallahassee BeanCounters, the team’s owner Franklin Kennedy asked if we would investigate further into the potential of a fraud occurring within the company. Mr. Kennedy stated that he received an anonymous tip and believes that based on the tip, fraud within the organization was occurring. A fraud examination was conducted and the findings from relevant documents and interviews are below.

Executive Summary:
The investigation started when Mr. Kennedy approached our team asking us to review documents to see if a potential fraud within the organization was occurring. Mr. Kennedy received an anonymous tip that
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Mr. Kennedy asked that we examine the previous four months of documentation to either substantiate or reject the claim.

Fraud Examination Team Members
Kaylee Cutler, CPA; Shauna Jones, CPA; Charles Spiva, CPA

During our investigation of Tallahassee BeanCounters, the Team took the following actions: * Obtained, reviewed, and analyzed financial documents of Tallahassee BeanCounters including ledgers, purchase orders, invoices, purchase records, and salary information * Obtained, reviewed, and analyzed cancelled payroll checks from ADP on behalf of Tallahassee BeanCounters * Obtained, reviewed, and analyzed Jessica Keller’s bank account activity for the months in question * Obtained, reviewed, and analyzed receipts provided by the Manager at the Villa Cordova Apartments associated with monthly rent payments * Obtained, reviewed, and analyzed receipts provided by Ben Hill’s ex-wife associated with back child support payments * Observations of various financial functions of Tallahassee BeanCounters by the Team

Individuals Interviewed: Members of the Fraud Examination Team interviewed the following parties: * Coworkers * Red Carpet Reality * Tallahassee Doors * Villa Cordova Apartment Manager * Ben Hill’s first ex-wife * Ben Hill’s second ex-wife

During our examination of documentation and interviews, we found the following: * Did the

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