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JULY 30,2011

What is an organization? It is defined as a cooperative social system involving the coordinated efforts of two or more people pursuing a shared purpose. According to Edgar Schein, a prominent organizational psychologist, all organizations share four characteristics: coordination of effort, common goal or purpose, division of labor and hierarchy of authority (Kreitner 2004).
Organizational culture is largely set by management-whether management realizes it or not. It is neither created nor changed overnight. Experts in the field of organizational
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“Sending information to others”, what I am doing in my job 0%, What my job requires me to do 0%, job related problems 41%, complaining about job/work conditions 17%, request info necessary to do my job 0%, and clearer work instructions 42%. “Follow-up on information sent”, subordinates 20%, coworkers 80%, and immediate supervisors 0%. “Interpersonal communication relationships” I trust my co-workers 54%, satisfactory relationship with co-workers, 30%, supervisor listens and is honest w/me 16%, and top management is sincere to employees 0%.
Flourishing organizations realize that the key to being successful is communication. They must train their management staff how to communicate with their subordinates in order to retain good staff personnel. Thriving organizations realize that finding out what motivates their employees is of great importance to the well being of the company. They know that empowering employees to do their job gives them a since of ownership which in turn mean profits for them. Many companies today are heading towards a team management style of operating their organizations. They know in order to retain good employees you must give them something to reach for; which is why many of them have reward systems in place for their employees. Communication is made up of various elements
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