Organ Donation And Its Effects On The Donor Essay

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Alongside the benefit of only having one patient to care for after transplantation, post mortal donation also takes away any chance of effects on the donor. Since the donor is deceased, there is no worry of the effects because of two reasons: they are no longer living and they have no use for their viable organs anymore. With the several pros and cons of postmortal donation, comes the different aspects of inter vivos donation. When organs are taken from living donors and are transplanted there are also several pros and cons present. One disadvantage in live organ donation is the effect on the donor and any possible scenarios that could go wrong. When dealing with technically two patients, there is more room for adverse. An advantage to inter vivos donation is that in preparation for organ donation, there is no rush for time. Doctors are able to take more of their time to ensure the mental and physical state of the donor, as well as secure the antibody match. Another pro of obtaining organs from live donors is the Pro-Donation Behaviours Of Nursing Students From The Four Countries Of The UK. Interview study done to determine individual’s likeliness to donate organs. Live donation is viewed very different from postmortal donation because of the effects after donation, which when you donate once you are passed, that is not a worry.(6). What is interesting is that almost all of the Nursing students interviewed were already signed up to be donors, which leads to the inference

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