Organ Donation And The Death Donor

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Organ donation has been on the downward trend in the last couple of years while the need for healthy organ donors are on the rise. On the average day, twenty-two people die while waiting on the organ transplant list. While it can only take one person to be a living donor to save a life, and in the case of being a donor after death, one person can save up to eight people. Since the gap between organ donation and the need for organs continues to grow apart, something has to be done to reverse this trend. People must be encouraged to become a living organ donor and to be an after death donor. The key to being an after death donor, is that the family members need to know about their loved one’s wishes and make sure to have a living will in place. Doctors are placed in that insensitive position to talk with the families after the death of loved ones, about whether the patient was an organ donor while trying to be considerate to their loss. There have been many ideas to help reduce the organ transplant list in order to preserve more lives, while educating the country on the importance of organ donations. To encourage more people to become an organ donor the United States Government needs to change the laws dealing with organ donations, in order to bring down the waiting periods on the organ transplant list. The waiting list for organs transplant has now surpassed one hundred and twenty two thousand people long, and growing every ten minutes with a new name added to the list. In
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