Organ Donation Essay

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Transplantation of human organs have most like it similar views in different world religions. Some of the factors are same, but in some points, they completely opposite to one another. In Judaism the concept of organ donation is that it is permissible to save a life only if the donors life is not in danger. Organ donation from a living person in Judaism is allow only if the donor life is not in danger, and also it is mandatory for the community to save a human life if they have choice to do. Even though if someone have to donate an organ. In addition, the donation of human organ from a dead person is also equally permitted for the same purposes, to save the life. If the risk to donor is much less than harm to recipient, then it completely…show more content…
Also, it is allowing to do a postmortem to find out the real reason of the death in case of murder, so the authorities can find out what happens to the person. Although, the postmortem is only allowed if the person is completely brain dead. In Christianity organ donation is count as a good act and people encourage others to donate and be part of this chain. However, selling a human organ has no problem in Christianity, but it prefers to give an organ to someone without any benefits is count better than selling it.
In Islam there are two schools of thought and human body have so much respect whether its living or dead. Some Muslim scholars prohibit to donate a major organ like kidney for a live person. Those scholars allow to donate blood or other minor transplantations which are able to recover, but any transplantation which will not recover is not allowed. Also, once a person dies he/she should be buried as it is, and nothing should be removed from their body, because according to some scholars in Islam, humans does not own their body. Their bodies are belonging to the Allah and should be returned as it is. However, some Muslim scholars allow organ donation, like Shaykh Tantawi from Egypt gave a fatwa that it is completely permissible in Islam to donate an organ to one who need it. If it is necessarily to donate an organ, then it is completely
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