Organ Donation

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Money Fails Organ Donors
All over the world, there are people in need of organs such as kidneys. According to the National Kidney Foundation, thirty million American adults have kidney disease and need kidneys. Without a new kidney, it could lead to death. There are many reasons for humans to donate their organs. Donating one's organs can save lives as well as give the person a sense of gratitude. There is no age limit on being a donor however the million-dollar question is should they be paid for it? Being paid for donating organs should be illegal due to all the problems that would arise if they did get paid. These problems include: the organ being rejected, the possibility of complications during surgery, and donating for the wrong reasons. One may argue that the number of donations would increase causing the people that need them to decrease. However, the bad out ways the good in this situation.
Gary Becker and Julio Elias state that "In 2012, 95,000 American men, women, and children were on the waiting list for new kidneys, the most commonly transplanted organ" (222). The number of deaths while waiting for the kidney transplant are extremely high. More people would be willing to donate knowing there was money involved; however, the chances of the organ rejecting itself is still there. Families paying high dollar for an organ that is not guaranteed to work is ridiculous. Even if people could afford to keep buying organs until one actually worked, there would still be a
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