Organ Donation For Organ Transplants

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Organ donation is one of the most pressing health policy issues for our government to deal with and organ donation rates in England must increase in order to meet the demand for organs on waiting lists. Furthermore, the demand for surgical procedures such as organ transplantation has rapidly increased after scientific breakthroughs in transplant technologies as well as the advent of new medicines to reduce many problems associated with transplants, thereby increasing the life expectancy of people receiving the transplant.
With more than 7000 to 8000 people on the waiting list in England alone, on the waiting list for an organ transplant and only an estimated 2,800 organs that are transplanted each year (NHSBT 2016), there is a significant shortage of organs available for transplant. There is an increasing concern that the current system for organ donation in England, is failing to meet the demand in organs needed for transplantation. The number of people needing transplants is going up steadily by about 8 percent each year.(b) The number of premature deaths has also increased to approximately 1000 (Rieu. 2010) every year and this is conceivably the most tragic reminder that the current system is failing us. To combat this problem, many health researchers have suggested changes to change the organ donation laws, from informed consent to presumed consent.

Since the Human Tissue Act
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