Organ Donation. “Organ Donation Is Not A Tragedy, But It

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Organ Donation “Organ donation is not a tragedy, but it can be a beautiful light, in the midst of one” (Unknown). There has been many disbeliefs about donating your organs over the years. The organ demand drastically exceeds the available supply, which is why more people need to be organ donors. People should become organ donors because of the limited availability of organs and the chance to save many lives. Although many people think that if you are an organ donor doctors won’t try as hard to save your life, but that is not the case at all. According to an article from World of Health “A wish to donate organs for transplant will not reduce efforts to save a patient’s life. Organs will not be removed until all life-saving efforts have…show more content…
It is said that ¨While about 80% of Americans support donation, there are fewer than 50% who agree to organ donation if approached upon the death of a family member¨ (Organ Donation). Doctors usually ask family members if it is okay to donate the organs, even if they say they are donors on their licence. The opt-out policy would allow you to donate your organs regardless of your family members saying no when approached upon your death. An opt-out policy is not the only thing that we can do to help increase the number of available organs. Despite the fact it is illegal to sell organs, to help increase the numbers of donors, some states are offering to pay the family indirectly. “If a family agrees to organ donation, Pennsylvania pays $300 directly to the family’s funeral home to help defray the cost of the funeral” (Organ Donation). With some states paying the family indirectly, there has been an increase in the number of donors. Being paid indirectly helps the families immensely. Not only does this help with the costs, but it takes away any stress they may have had about being able to afford the funeral. There’s no question that a change needs to be made to help improve the number of available organs. Last, becoming an organ donor gives you a chance to save up to fifty lives. This quote “When I look into their eyes, I see a little bit of Matthew moving on” (Tiffanie Wen)
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