Organ Donation Research Paper

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Wanted Dead or Alive: Organ Donor Organ donation is something people don’t know enough about; therefore, they chose not to donate. The mistrust of the medical profession has dissuaded, and led, many people to the conclusion that organ donation dead or alive is not for them, but are they right? Is the media and/ or other outlets robbing innocent people of a second chance at life? Do you know what it means to be an organ donor? What it truly means to give someone a part of you? Most people don’t. I recently saw a television show that discussed organ donation, and; It got me thinking, who can be an organ donor? What could someone donate dead or alive? How many lives could one person save? What happens to a donor after life? And lastly…show more content…
Most television shows have to tell a complete story in an hour or less, and as a result they don't show an accurate and/ or the complete process of organ donation. According to the New York Times article The Reluctant Organ Donor, 50 percent of respondents are concerned that doctors will not try as hard to save them if they are known to be an organ donor. Despite what patients may think, a doctor's number one priority is to save lives. The doctor treating patients in the hospital is separate from the people who actually do the transplant. Doctors don't even notify the transplant team until all lifesaving efforts has failed and death has been determined. However, you still may wonder what if I donate, will I still be able to have an open casket? And according to my research the answer is yes! Doctors take care of your body, and usually an open casket funeral is possible evan if you are donating organs, eyes and tissue. Now Imagine, two friends just saw their favorite band playing in concert. The friends are now both on the way home. Music is playing loud and the friends are singing on the top of their lungs. The road is dark, but the friends are having a blast and enjoying the night. Suddenly, a deer runs onto the road. The friends are reported to have been in a fatal car accident. Person one is a donor, and person
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