Organ Donor / Donation Organization

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Creative Title Topic: Organ Donor/Donation Organization: Topically Specific Purpose: Whatever the decision might be, the smart thing to do it to do some research. I. INTRODUCTION A. Attention getter: Did you know that as of 1988, according to the American Transplant Foundation, 597,166 transplants have occurred in the U.S.? B. Relevance: Organ donation, being controversial as it is, does not have enough information out into the public in order for the people to make a concise opinion/idea about the polemic topic. Whether people are for or against it, there should be done somewhat of a research to at least be briefly informed/familiarized rather than being influenced by myths or false accusations of said topic. As a result when renewing a State ID people often do not check for Organ Donor because of the poor information out there, as well as other people do check for Organ Donor without knowing of the consequences it holds. C. Credibility statement: Now, while most people might be pro or against, I am neutral. I have witnessed seeing someone be benefited by an organ donation, yet I have being on the other side of the spectrum. As a result I’ve also been a witnessed of the effect it has on the family emotionally once a family member passes away and that person happens to be an organ donor. D. Central idea: With such a controversial topic, it is only fair to raise awareness of the importance of the education of oneself over a polemic topic such as organ donation rather
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