Organ Of The Organ System

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Organ transplantation has been around for about 61 years. The first successful transplantation took place on December 23, 1954 by Dr. Joseph Murray and Dr. David Hume at Brigham Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. That transplantation being successful on that day has saved many lives to this day (“Transplantation”). The only legal way to get an organ transplant is through organ donation. In the United States alone, there are about 122,690 people on the waiting list today and only 10,051 donors. Every ten minutes, someone is added to the waiting list and 22 people that are on the waiting list dies everyday ("Organ Procurement"). There have been many debates on the matter of only being able to obtain an organ through donation. Some people believe that there should be a legal market to sell organs. In these debates, people must take other matters into consideration. The sale of organs may have an effect the environment, the different cultures, the economy, ethics, politics, or even science and technology. Weather these effects would be good or bad is up to debate.
There have been many debates on the issue of the legalization of the sale of human organs. One person to debate on the issue was Dr. Monti. She put out an elaborate paper on how the sale of human organs would benefit the economy. Jennifer Monti has a medical and master’s degree in public health and her research has been published in academic journals. Her other writings have been recognized by the New York Times
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