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A chance to save life As we all know when a person dies the body decompose which depend on the ground they are buried, or cremated based on the religion that person believed. However, instead of letting our healthy organs be eaten by insects and decomposing it we can try to save a person in need. Based on donate life America, an organizational team who support and encourage people to sign up to be an organ donor and according to their information and research there are more than 117,294 people of all ages and gender currently on the wait list for an organ transplant in United states concurrently. “The process of organ donation can save as many as eight lives through the surgical transplantation of organs from a donor of recipients.…show more content…
In the article "Not Just Urban Legend", Jeneen stated talks about the misuse of organ donation and how in some country makes the organ donation business. Countries like Israel and other Mideast and Asian country criminals kidnap poor slums people and sale them to Europe and American with a higher price. Most organ that are transplant in America are transplanting from black market according UCB surgeon. The World Health Organization estimates that one fifth of the 70,000 kidneys transplanted worldwide every year come from the black market. In the article Scheper-Hughes in her research found out about some child kidnapping case where they were kidnap for their organ. When those children were found they were missing some of their organ like kidney, some parts of liver, eyes etc (Interlandi). Secondly, low poverty and finical crisis in some places desperate parents and anxious teenage were selling their organs for cash, buy car or to visit a new country. since 2010 the approximate waiting time for an organ (kidney) donor was 10 years and by the time a patience receive his or her kidney or organ might past way; therefore all those who are desperate end up breaking the rules. Misuse of organ donation in under develop countries has build a doubt inside others and this leads to many
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