Organ Shortage Around The World

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In the 21st century, it is obvious to the world that there is an organ shortage around the world. Many thousands, hundreds of thousands of people are waiting for organs to save their lives. There are just not enough organs to be spread around to the people who urgently need them. The global response to this problem is very different throughout different countries. Some countries are harvesting organs, some executing prisoners, some paying people to donate, some allowing people to sell them on the black market, and some countries just urging people to donate out of the kindness of their hearts. The organs and tissues you can currently donate (deceased) are; liver, heart, lungs, cornea, tissue, pancreas, kidneys, small intestines, blood, blood vessels, bone marrow and other parts of the bone, heart valves and skin. Organ donation is a very controversial topic, with many nations taking different opinions as a whole. But why are some people so hesitant to donate their organs to the people who really need them?

The first question is really; how many organs do we actually need? Currently, the Australian Donation rate is 16.1 donors per million. 16 people in every million donating their organs. That is approximately 384 donors in the whole population of Australia. You may think that is quite a lot, but when there are 1600 people urgently waiting for an organ, this measly 384 people is just not enough. This situation is viewed differently around the globe. There are many different

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