Organ Trafficking

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GAC015 Assessment Event 4: Academic Research Essay Organ Trafficking Students Name: Mary Jin Student ID #: JPCH21571 Teacher: John Due Date: 2013.2.25 Word Count: 1164 Question: In many countries organ trafficking is illegal, yet the incidence is on the increasing. Examine the legal, ethical and sociological issues involved in procuring human organs for transplant operations, comparing two countries with very different approaches. In this day and age, as medicine and surgery advanced, more organs have been emerged for people in the world. There are approximately 3.5 million operations take place per year around the world (Cho, H. 2009). In order to save lives, organ…show more content…
Not only the government but also organizations like the Council of Europe’s Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine (1997) are willing to control the situation (Cho, H. & Zhang, M & Tansuhaj, P. 2009). As Muslim, most Egyptians promote the importance of saving body when people die, which leads to the majority unwilling to become donors in Egypt. They believe that their bodies are owned by God and only the God has the right to make decisions about their bodies' fate. After they die, the deceased's bodies should be burned as soon as possible in order to be resurrected. Since this regional views, the donors in Egypt are few (Organ Transplants: Ethical, Social, and Religious Issues in A Muti-culture Society 2011). Nevertheless, because most Europeans have Christianity perspective, which results in that their attitude of bodies are different from Egypt. They encourage the organ transplant. Pope John II, a dead pope, used to advocate organ transplant as "a service of life ". In order to show the respect of patient or the death, they are advised to become donors freely (Organ Transplants: Ethical, Social, and Religious Issues

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