Organ Trafficking

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When one suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes it cause strain on the persons kidneys’ overtime eventually causing them to fail. A hundred years ago a person would have died of such a condition but following World War II surgical transplants from living and dead donors began saving many countless lives (World Health Organization). Thus in the case of kidney failure one is forced to go on to continuous dialysis until a replacement kidney can be found. Sometimes the patient is lucky where they have a family member whose blood type matches up and is willing to give up a kidney. But not everyone is so lucky many times patients are forced into long waiting lists waiting for their turn to receive an organ from an organ donor
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If one is to take a look at this where we put the price paid by a customer at approximately at $200,000 and multiply by it by the very conservative estimate of 15,000 transactions this puts the annual revenue of traffickers at over $2billion. With a business as lucrative as this, it is quite clear why this industry continues to grow rapidly as an infrastructure of international gangs profiting off the desperations of others is already in place (Ginzel, Arndt, Kraushaar, & Winter, 2012).
A third reason for this continued rise in trafficking is that people get desperate when it comes to saving their own lives often taking measures they would not even have dreamt about. That’s what this industry depends on, people that don’t have time to wait for their name to reach the top of the waiting list (Ginzel, Arndt, Kraushaar, & Winter, 2012). Those that fear that their time will run out before they are able to receive an organ are not totally without truth as each year 1million people die globally each year of kidney failure (Organs Across Borders, 2009) and these gangs now this and will use it to instill fear in the hearts of potential buyers.
This is a very despicable and horrifying industry and has some very negative consequences. One of which is that the dead are often mutilated without their prior consent. There have been many cases of organ harvesting from deceased
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