Organ Transplantation Is The Surgical Removal And Transfer

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Organ transplantation is the surgical removal and transfer of an organ from one body to another (Kanniyakoni, 2005). The process begins with someone needing an organ transplant, then being put on a waiting list. Once a patient is added to the national organ transplant waiting list, the individual may receive an organ fairly quickly or may wait many years. In general, the average time frame is three to five years at most centers. Waiting time is also dependent upon certain factors such as a patient 's medical urgency, blood, tissue and size match with the donor, time on the waiting list and proximity to the donor (Gift of Life, 2017). The previous procedures increase the substance in the body known as antibodies. Due to a higher level of…show more content…
(1) If the organ market was legalized this would allow licensed professionals to evaluate donor-patient compatibility. The amount of patients waiting for a transplant in America outnumbers the amount of organ donors by about four to one. There are several organs or tissues that can be donated as a part or a whole with minimal safety risk to the donor. (2) The cost of dialysis to keep a kidney alive is billions of dollars more than an organ transplant. Due to this statistic, more transplants would keep more people alive and prove to be more economical. A legalized market for organs would prevent patients desperate for their lives, from being conned into over paying. These people could be saved from having to spend thousands of dollars more than they might have to for an illegal organ versus being able to purchase it from the legalized market. An interesting fact in my research was that, “the donors of blood, semen, eggs, and volunteers for medical trials, are often compensated for their donation or service” (Gregory, 2011). (3) So my question is: why are the same principles not applied to organs? The ideas of a legal organ market might sound gory or gross to some people, but it really shouldn’t, due to the fact that research shows it would save thousands of lives all around the world. In the United States, where the 1984 National Organ Transplantation Act prohibits compensation for organ donating,

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