Organ Transplants : An Organ Donation

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Yazmin G. Urrea
J. Forsythe
English 1 A
January 20, 2015
Donating Organs
Did you know that over one hundred thousand people in the U.S. are waiting for an organ donation? Do you know what an organ transplant is? An organ transplant is when an organ is replaced, a failing organ with a healthy organ from another person. The reason behind an organ transplant is to help people who have organs failing, and those people that have some sort of disease in their organs. When you become a donor, you help improve research in many ways possible, with some of the organs donated; doctors have found more and more information in order to help people with failing organs. Donating organs can help save hundreds if not thousands regularly; also it gives comfort for grieving families because even though the people in their family died they know that they did something in order to save someone else’s life. Did you know that most people get transplants because they have a disease which needs help? The cornea is the most commonly transplanted tissues in fact, more than four hundred thousand corneal transplants occur in the United States a year. Organ recipients are selected with basic information starting with medical needs, location and compatibility. In most countries, it is illegal to sell and buy organs, but international black markets increase around the world. Organ transplants should be encouraged and we should encourage other people to donate for many reasons. Would you help save someone’s…
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