Organ Transplants : An Organization

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Lizetth Gonzalez Mrs. Forsythe English 7-8 1B January 20, 2015 Organ Transplants Despite the fact that more than a million have signed up to become donors the number of donors is still nowhere near the number of people on waiting for transplants therefore, resulting in an average of eighteen deaths every day due to the shortage. (Pros) Keep in mind the amount of lives saved or restored when a single organ donor can save up to eight lives. In addition to saving lives and restoring broken lives, a donation can reduce medical expenses of patients because they no longer require regular checkups or medication after a transplant. As well as helping patients, donating organs provides an opportunity to make a tragic occurrence into a delightful…show more content…
(Pros) As can be seen in the figure below, many organs potentially qualify for transplants providing the opportunity of saving more than one life from a single donation if all organs qualify for transplants. (Pros) The graph above represents the number of transplants performed each year for every organ provided. In 2008, over fifteen thousand kidneys and two thousands hearts provided new life through transplantation and given to patients in need. Thousands of transplants take place each year; however, the amount of patients on waiting lists continues to grow with forty-five percent of certain people remaining on transplant waiting lists. (Pros) The amount of people that require transplants becomes bigger every day. In 2009, the number of patients on waiting lists was over one hundred thousand while the number of donors remained under twenty thousand. (Pros) Everyday donors become a greater necessity in order to help others’ lives get better. However, when a person becomes a donor families may develop issues with the process that takes place before a donor becomes a qualified donor. For example, some families do not appreciate having their family member on life support while organs are removed; however, potential donors are first tested and organ removal does not begin until they are declared brain dead. Some organs require transplantation in a matter of hours after removal for the sake of the recipient’s health and the functioning of
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