Organ donation

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Hector L. Santiago SPC2608 Section # Date 11/4/13 Title: How to make people Sign up for organ donating Topic: Organ donation Specific Purpose: To motivate my audience to sign up for organ donation Thesis Statement: Signing up for organ donating will save more lives INTRODUCTION Attention Material: Organ transplantation is a miraculous procedure that can save lives and possibly have a new appreciation on it. But the overall of those that need them outweigh the people that have signed up for donning their organs. They people that need those organs to survive. So how would you feel if you saved a life? Now how about 8 lives with your organs, and even more with tissue? This can all be possible if you sign up for…show more content…
You could go to other organizations that promote organ donning like they like to go around new York and convince other people donning. III. Visualize- pos A. Positive: All those that end in death may go into new life with the organ donation some people might find a sense of closure by hearing that their loved one now lives on inside another person. A.1. Wayne Drysdale Minister of Infrastructure talks in a debate to promote organ donation and about how his suffered brain damage because he was on his dirt bike and had an accident and had to be put through life support and how he donated his sons organs over to a ten year old kid that was in dire need of them to survive. B. Negative: Kathleen Northridge a freelance writter says: Families might get confused and make a fuss about removing some ones tissue while on life support. B.1. For one; Surgeons do not remove any tissues unless the person is brain dead, but they sometimes put the body on a ventilator to keep the heart pumping fresh blood into the tissues to keep them alive long enough to harvest. B.2. There have been cases where once the donor gives away his
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