Organic Architecture Through Functionalism and Minimalism

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The inspiration of nature in design created a movement of Organic Architecture through functionalism and minimalism since the 1800’s influencing some of the greatest architects to emerge. Functionalist architects and artists design utilitarian structures in which the Organic Architecture dictates the development within and moves outward in harmony with its surroundings, without regard to such traditional devices as axial symmetry and classical proportions or any other heavy ornamentation. Louis Henry Sullivan's design theory that “form ever follows function” leads the dialogue towards a new world of design where the buildings effect on its surroundings is considered. Inspired by his mentor Frank Lloyd Wright expands on the design…show more content…
Often decorated and capped by a decorative cornice. The Wainwright Building Location: 709 Chestnut Street, St. Louis, Missouri, USA Architect: Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler Year: 1890-91 Height: 147 feet Stories: 10 The Wainwright Building falls into his pattern of design: a basement for furnace and utilities, a two story base for shops and other retail spaces, a sill, and the multi-story office section with continuous vertical columns rising to the attic. Often decorated and capped by a decorative cornice. Before this prior attempts to build with steel looked tiered or stacked almost like a cake. The Wainwright building materials are sandstone, brick and windows. The first two stories have large deep windows and a modern approach to the brown sandstone due to the lacking of ornamentation. The next seven stories are red brick vertical columns with horizontal leaf decorated panels. The last story has round windows in terra cotta with a Notre Dame inspired leaf scroll. He wrote in the Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine, “The skyscraper must be tall, every inch. The tall force and power of altitude must be in it, the glory and

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