Organic Compounds

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Organic Compounds CH3CH2 - O - CH2CH2CH2CH3 This chemical is known as butyl-ethyl ether. It is a type of ether that is a "colorless liquid" and falls within the R-O-R functional group (Chemical Book, 2012). The compound is extremely flammable, and as such, fire and other safety professionals must take great care when handling chemical fires burning with the substance. The research shows that the compound "will be easily ignited by heat, sparks or flame," but also that "vapors may form explosive mixtures with air. Vapors may travel to source of ignition and flash back" (Chemical Book, 2012). This makes the vapor from this organic compound incredibly dangerous in terms of fire risk in doors, but can also cause problems outdoors as well. Fire and safety officials must be careful in enclosed areas. Often, this flash will spread throughout lower lying areas, such as basements and sewers. Moreover, it is "incompatible with oxidizing agents," making it unsafe to try to extinguish chemical fires of this nature with water (Chemical Book, 2012). CH3CH2CH CH2CH2OH I CH3 The chemical compound presented here is also known as 3-methyl pentanol. It is based on an alcohol in the OH functional group. Thus, it has the functional group of R-O-H (TCI America, 2012). Along with the other chemical compounds presented in this analysis, it is extremely flammable, and thus there must be serious precautions taken by fire and safety officials in order to prevent combustion and when trying to
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