Organic Farming Dangers

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The Dangers of Organic Farming (writing prompt 4)
Although there are numerous advantages to organic farming, there is also advantages to modern industrial farming. The world population has been increasing dramatically each year. In the 1960’s the world population reached 3 billion, by 2000 the population doubled to 6 billion people. Today, there is roughly 7.4 billion people around the world. This drastic increase in population needed a drastic change in food production. To insure there was enough food for the world, there needed to be a better faster method to producing larger quantities of food. Industrial farming was the solution. Before industrial farming, farming was on a small scale. Used mainly for feeding the farmers and those in nearby towns. By using industrial agriculture methods, farmers were capable of creating a large amount of product while fighting the continuous battle of weeds. Of course this method of farming had multiple disadvantages. The crops became dependent on the weed killers, the weeds would need stronger killers each season, the combination of weed killer and pesticides then deprived the soil of nutrients. All of these devastating negatives transformed into a continuance cycle. Famers needed to buy both stronger weed killer, and fertilization in order to keep up with the demand of the economy. As the farmers bought more and more, the prices of the fertilizers and weed killers rose. Meanwhile the value of their crops plummeted. Looking at all of
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