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An introduction to organic foods
In spite of the increasing popularity of Organic food these days, most of the people do not have a clear idea regarding the definition of organic food. In simple words, Organic foods are those foods that are produced, processed and packaged without using chemicals. They have been accepted due to their perceived health benefits over conventional food. The organic industry is growing rapidly and has caught the attention of farmers, manufacturers and, above all, consumers. Some of the popular organic food items include organic tea, organic coffee, organic wine, organic meat, organic beef, organic milk, organic honey, organic vegetables, organic fruits, organic rice, organic corn, organic herbs, organic
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The modern

Indian lifestyles and lifestyle-related diseases, as well as limited time to cook at home, are also expected

to create demand for health and wellness products in the coming years. These factors, coupled with environmental issues and growing resistance towards genetically modified food products, are predicted to

accelerate growth in the organic food category.

Indian consumers currently spend a large portion of their income on food. Nearly 45 percent of

consumption expenditures go for food (51 percent in rural areas and 39 percent in urban areas). In urban

areas, the consumption of processed and ready-to-eat (RTE) or convenience foods is higher due to

relatively higher disposable incomes, exposure to a greater variety of processed foods, a preference for

quick meals, and familiarity with foreign foods or cuisines. Rural consumers tend to prefer traditional

Indian foods prepared at home, but exposure to processed foods is increasing even in rural areas.

Demand for premium high-value foods such as chocolates, almonds and other dried nuts, cakes and

pastries, imported fruits, fruit juices, and Indian sweets peaks during the fall festive and wedding seasons.

With the penetration of modern retailing in the suburbs and semi-urban areas, more and more Indians

have access to retail shops carrying organic food products.

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