Organic Food Is A $29-Billion-Dollar Industry And Is Growing.

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Organic food is a $29-billion-dollar industry and is growing. Organic food is food that are manufactured, processed and handled using only organic means that meets FDA guidelines. Natural food can be labeled freely with very little to no guidelines. While conventional food still has guidelines but not as strict and being able to use chemicals and be synthesized themselves. Organic foods also have varying types from, Organic food which is an item that is produced using organic means, with strict standards from the FDA, natural labeled foods are items that are minimally synthesized and these foods don’t not have the same standards as organic foods. While organic and natural food might sound better many including myself think that natural…show more content…
The newest and most recent processing of food is homegrown standard processing, which are a group of farmers nationwide without organic certification but must require stricter standards than USDA’s and be inspected. “Homegrown is the first group in the nation to collectively drop organic certification and replace it with their own local organic guarantee,” says Elizabeth Henderson They have their own seal of approval “Homegrown” label which requires them to stay as locally as possible. Next processing type are natural food, which are minimally synthesized or chemically altered with little to no standards in many parts of the world and not USDA labeled. The way conventional food is handled is being able to use almost any and all chemicals and pesticides that are deemed safe by the FDA, as long as it does not show signs of ill effects on the population. In the article “Why organic food may not be healthier for you” it is stated that a new study published in the annals of internal medicine shows very little evidence of there being health benefits from organic food. While some previous studies looking specific organic food shows that may have higher level of nutrients like minerals and vitamins. Like in one experiment tested from ambitious experiment,” which is supposed to go on for a hundred
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