Organic Food Saves Health

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Organic food saves health?
Kip Pester, the author of the In Organic We Trust movie, suggests that people have to use organic food, because it is healthier, and it has more nutrients. It is made in a natural environment, and organic food is without pesticides. Organic food is healthier food; this gives a better health, and gives better quality. Organic foods have more nutrients. His interview and film is effective in convincing people that organic food is better for them. His film information is very good and helpful, but in contrast, he is not a researcher or a scientist.
Organic food is more expensive than regular food items. The farm machinery needed to harvest organic food is more specialized, and therefore the food is more expensive. They use the best tools and fertilization supplies. The farmers create natural environments. Organic food is grown without pesticides. Nowadays, people are using organic food broadly. The author gives lot information about organic food, and how it works. Regular food is made with lot of pesticides, and it is effect on humans. Nowadays people have cancer, more pesticides effect on IQ. 73% people used organic food, and that is good.
The farmers of organic food have to certify, or evaluate by government organization, USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). Organic certification is a certification process of producing organic food that must needed. The farmers can not use any chemical solution, such as pesticides, and fertilizers.
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