Organic Food Trends

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Organic Food Trends:
While these two factors affect the source of organic food, it is the retailers themselves who may trigger the fastest and longest-lasting drop in organic food prices. In response to the decline of sales, a looming price war may push organic food prices down to a level comparable to regular foods.
The niche of people who are passionate about their organic foods will remain strong regardless of the price. When they were hot just a few months ago, many grocers and health food stores dedicated more space to stay ahead of the demand. Now that the demand has taken a dive, retailers will be trying to gain a stronger share of the shrinking market. Even Whole Foods, known for higher quality and prices to match, is
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3- Go Local! An increase in importance to local produce is another significant trend that would be witnessed in the year 2008. Customers would prefer to patronize healthy food items that are grown locally. The growing environmental consciousness and an increase in importance to personal health are going are the reasons for this choice.

4- I want Ready-To-Eat! Convenience foods would however, continue to reign supreme. With people getting busier by the day and having very little time on hand, it is important to have more options for ready to eat meals. Complete meals of one or two dishes would be preferred. The studies conducted recently have gone to show that people prefer to eat at home for most part of the week due to health considerations and thus, convenient foods provide the perfect answer to a busy family that is also health conscious.

5- No McDonald 's for kids! With health of the family gaining priority, the healthy kids recipes is another area that is going to increase in importance. With several entrants in the market this trend is only going to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming months.

6- Weight loss meals get trendy! Obesity has come to be another major consideration that has come to have a significant impact on the food related decisions of a family. Weight loss foods that let you manage your weight problem without having to deprive yourself of the daily nutritional requirements is going to find favor in 2008.

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