Organic Food Vs. Commercial Food Essay

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Organic Food VS. Commercial Food
Food is a necessary ingredient in the soup of survival. As society advances it becomes an increasingly simple process to acquire any type of food--regardless of its country of origin or whichever season it happens to be--as long as you can pay for it. As a result of such ease in selecting meals, you have the choice of eating whatever you want. The problem with this ability is that people do not always choose the food that is the healthiest for them or that is produced in the healthiest ways. Over the past few decades, it has become a general consensus that organic food is simply better than non-organic food, however not many people truly understand what "better" entails. Proper "healthy" food should taste good, provide a sufficient amount of nutrients, and should be grown in a manner that avoids harmful chemicals and other additives or supplements that alter the food itself. Organic food best met this criteria by tasting fresher, providing more than enough nutrients, and being grown in a manner that forgoes synthetic pesticides and other harmful additives which can lead to nausea, hormonal imbalances, and eventually even cancer. .
What most people don 't realize is that organic food is nothing new. Prior to World War I all crops were organic. It was not until after both World Wars synthetic pesticides were created as an outlet for the toxic chemical aftermath of both mustard gas and nerve poison (“Synthetic Pesticides”). Manufacturers used

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