Organic Foods And Organic Food

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In 1980, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) took an interest in organic farming, publishing a report titled Report and Recommendations on Organic Farming. (Organic Debate, 2014) As organic foods have been growing rapidly in the last 20 years there has been a lot of talking about whether or not organic foods are healthy. As people today have been eating a lot more of organic foods they are having arguments stating that organic food is not what they say on the labels. Although people think that organic food is not what the farmers say it is, it still helps people with there health and provides a healthier lifestyle. In order to maintain the apparent understanding of organic food buying behaviors of consumers, it can be helpful to examine the effect of motivating factors on both the attitude towards organic foods and the intention to buy organic foods together with the mediation effect of attitude towards organic foods (Cabuk, 2014). People tend to argue on the fact of whether or not organic foods are good for them. According to Soley’s article it states that “Organic foods are healthier for consumers, farmers, and the planet, says Cathy Fichtner, category manager for chocolate, cocoa, & caramel, Global Organics, Ltd. “Organic production reduces exposure to toxic and persistent chemicals in the foods we eat and for farm workers and their families (Soley, 2015).” By having this information published they are agreeing with the people who are for Organic foods. Organic

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