Organic Foods : Saving Yourself And The Environment

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Organic Foods: Saving Yourself and the Environment Do you know everything that happens to the food you buy before you buy it? You probably do not because the food industry does not want you to know. If you did know, you would not want to eat your food. Have you ever wondered why you can buy tomatoes in the middle of winter, or why meat does not have any bones? Foods have been imported to your supermarket from all around the world. Produce is harvested when it is not completely ripe and then later ripened with chemicals such as ethylene gas. Meat and dairy corporations make you believe that th¬¬eir food comes from farms and ranches, when really; their food is being produced in factories. The only way to know the truth about your food is by getting it from reliable sources. Organic farmers tell you the truth about what is done to their food before it becomes an item on the shelf of a supermarket. Consuming organic foods greatly impacts everyday life and health because it contains more nutrients, creates a safer environment, and is able to reduce risks or even prevent diseases and health issues. Organic foods have become very popular because of the speculations of whether or not organic food products are more beneficial than nonorganic food products. In order to be considered “organic,” foods must meet certain requirements such as being grown in soil safe for the environment, having no genetic modifications, and staying away from harmful products like pesticides and

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