Organic Fruit Or Conventional Fruit? Should You Believe The Hype?

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Hannah McDonough Professor Hart ENG 101 27 March 2016 Organic Fruit Or Conventional Fruit: Should You Believe The Hype? At some point throughout the week, you find yourself at your local grocery store to shop. You may compare prices, chose a product with a popular name over a store brand, and may wonder if buying organic is worth all the hype. Bombarded with healthy options, its common knowledge fruit is a healthy choice. Organic fruit mirrors the image of conventional fruit so it may seem foolish to spend the exorbitant price for organic. When buying conventional fruit you typically get the same quality for a cheaper price over organic; but paying more attention to the small expensive organic section may have its health benefits. Organic…show more content…
Despite popular belief, organic and conventional fruit taste similar. When tested, people surprisingly couldn’t tell the difference between conventional and organic fruit “Does it taste better? Many people swear it does; but blind tests show no one can tell the difference: the belief is sheer hype.” Many people who eat strictly organic claim organic fruit tastes better, fresher and sweeter, but there is no scientific evidence to prove that this exists. People seem to be consumed by the appeal that organic fruit tastes better when it is very comparable to the taste of conventional fruit. Organic fruit does not contain the amount of pesticides and chemicals of conventional fruit but that does not seem to effect the overall taste. “Most studies report no consistent or significant differences in taste and organoleptic quality.” If you’re looking for strictly quality of taste, it may be beneficial to stick to conventional fruit for the cheaper price since both taste the same. The price of premium organic fruit greatly exceeds the more budget friendly conventional fruit. When organic fruits were first introduced to local grocery stores the price was substantially more than conventional fruit. The price increase for organic fruit was a reflection of the standards used to grow and produce the fruit. Conventional fruit is grown in massive quantities using various chemicals not found in organic

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