Organic Vs Non Organic Vineyards

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Organic vs Non Organic Vineyards
There’s many differences between organic vineyards and non-organic vineyards. Organic vineyards, for instance, produce their wine by excluding the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Non-organic vineyards on the other hand, produce their wine by applying these products. Every year that goes by, our generation is becoming more advanced in the usage of organic products. Many things sold in groceries stores are now available organically, for instance fruits and other types of nourishments. The positives and negatives of non-organic and organic vineyards both have good arguments but in my opinion organic vineyards tend to have more of a positive effect in our society. Whenever something is organic, everyone believes that it’s healthy, but that is not the case, not all organic things are as healthy as they are portrayed to be. Some negatives of organic wine are that organic wine does not contain sulfite, which people claim it reduces its shelf life and in some cases changes its flavors ("Clearing up the Confusion about Organic Wine”). Organic wine also brings a much healthier option to the table; in recent years it has become more popular throughout the Napa Valley. A positive note about organic wine is that organic wine doesn’t contain artificial chemical fertilizers which could possibly cause some long term side effects to the human body. One never knows what artificial chemical fertilizers consist
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