Essay Organisation Development at different level

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1.0 Executive Summary
This report provided analysis of the discussion and identification of the case study and using diagnostic tools to identify the primary and secondary problem to solve the issue and recommendations in supporting by relevant theories. The report comprised of four sections. The first section was about summarizes of the case study, the second section provided problems and analyzed based on case study. This was followed by the suggested diagnostic tools and recommendations to resolve the problems as the third and fourth section.
2.0 Overview of Case Study
Indian Ocean Developments (IOD) was known as a greatly conventional company with a reputation for its stability. Among the investors in the business industry, the
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The following paragraphs will discuss the mistakes might Ced and board have made when setting up the aged care company.
4.0 Model for organization-level diagnose relate to Autumn Leaves Aged Care Inc
4.1Organization level
The most serious mistake is the leader did not realize the change of the economic and political environment. Before setting up Autumn Leaves Aged Care Inc., Ced was very confident that the strategy will not fail because his sale pitch is based on three premises. The premises is persuasive, it shows the number of baby boomer will provide a profitable market and the tax concessions policy will reduce the cost. But Ced did not notice the informations are changing, the information maybe totally different after he anticipated the market and made project. In 2007, the aged care company began to operating and at the same time the cost of labor and building were skyrocket. In 2008, due to the global financial crisis, government reduced the tax concession and banks reluctant to lend. Thus Ced might use the outdated information to execute a plan, he do not follow the change of time to update information and make new forecast with times. On the other hand, Ced did not make a meticulous research on industry structure. The supplier power, buyer power and rivalry among the same industry were not considered, the emergency strategy was not planed. These negligences directly lead to
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